Cat breeds: Ceylon cat

Cat breeds: Ceylon cat

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FIFe classification and history

Country of origin: Sri Lanka - Italy.

The Ceyoln Cat are a natural breed that developed spontaneously on the island of Sri Lanka, without human intervention. During a trip to Ceylon, it was discovered by the Italian Paolo Pellegatta who, fascinated, brought some specimens to Italy and presented them at the feline exhibition in Erba (in the province of Como). Subsequently, a breeding program was started and, to avoid excessive consanguinity, other specimens were imported from the country of origin. In 1988 the first breed standard was prepared. To preserve the natural breed character, the introduction of new native subjects is suggested every 4 or 5 generations. This practice allows to maintain the traditional appearance of the Ceylon Cat without moving too far from the original model. Subjects from Sri Lanka must have a Certificate of Origin and Authenticity approved and recognized by the Ceylon Cat Amateurs Club.

General aspect

Elegant and graceful, medium-sized, slender and agile, but harmoniously compact.

Ceylon cat (photo


A very sweet and affectionate breed, it proves to be available both with family members and with strangers. Thanks to its very docile character, it is particularly suitable for families with children.


The hair needs very little care: just a few passes with a horsehair brush and, occasionally, with a damp buckskin. Although it originates from a region with a hot and humid climate, it is easily adapted to our temperatures.

Variety of color

It is bred in all natural colors, all obviously Ticked. Cloaks with white or Siamese-like spots are therefore banned. Classico is the black ticking coat better known as Manilla.


Category: Short Hair.
Medium build; slender and agile, but harmoniously compact; strong and muscular neck.
Head: rounded cheeks and protruding cheekbones; brick-colored truffle edged.
Ears: quite large, wide at the base, carried high on the head.
Eyes: large, eyelids with black border and the hair that follows the clear outline. The color varies from yellow to green.
Limbs: moderately long, with small and round feet.
Tail: relatively short.
Coat: shiny, fine and silky hair, practically free of undercoat, well adherent to the body.

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