Cat breeds: Bombay

Cat breeds: Bombay

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FIFe classification and history

Country of origin: United States.

This breed was selected by a breeder from Kentucky (United States), starting from 1960, subjecting to subsequent crosses exemplary with a completely black coat, obtained by Burmese and short-haired Americans. In this way it was possible to obtain these cats with fur black and very shiny. Today the Bombay are crossed with each other and with the Burmese. Little bred, it is recognized by many feline associations both in the United States and in Europe. In Italy it is very rare.

General aspect

The main feature of the Bombay (also called the living room panera) is the color and luster of the matello. The appearance is similar to that of the Burmese but has a more rounded head.

Bombay cat (photo


Overall it is similar to that of Burmese. Suitable for home life, loves to play and is very affectionate. Very sociable both with people and with other animals. Quiet, balanced and friendly, he needs the attention and love of those around him. They should not be left without company for long because they suffer from loneliness. Lover of tranquility, detests too loud noises. It is not frequent to listen to his sweet and subdued meow.


The shiny coat does not require special care. It is sufficient to pass very gently on the whole body with a soft chamois cloth or a light horsehair brush.

Variety of color

The coat must be intense black. In litters sometimes kittens similar to Burmese or with other shades appear. In puppies there may be a slight rusty shade that disappears with growth. The classic eye color is bronze, but yellow-gold is also allowed.


Category: Short Hair.
Build: medium (males up to 5 kg); the appearance is similar to Burmese, but with a more robust body and more rounded head.
Head: round and large; rather short muzzle with evident stop between nose and forehead.
Eyes: round and spaced.
Ears: relatively small, slightly forward, wide at the base and with rounded tips.
Limbs: long, agile, with black pads.
Tail: elegant, quite long and free of irregularities.
Hair: short, very shiny and flattened on the body; without undercoat.
Defects: slightly intense color of the coat or Burmese type; traces of white or other colors.

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