Mushrooms: Acetabula leucomelas

Mushrooms: Acetabula leucomelas

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Class: Ascomycetes
Scientific name: Acetabula leucomelas (Pers.) Sacc.
Synonyms: Paxina leucomelas (Pers.) Kuntze, Helvella leucomelaena (Pers.) Nannf.

Morphological characteristics

Carpoforo: 3-5 cm wide and equally high, hemispherical, with straight edge when mature slightly folded outside, sometimes notched.
hymenium: blackish brown; whitish exterior with a tendency to darken
Stem: short with pleats that reach the receptacle.
Meat: thin and fragile, without particular smell and taste.
spore: elliptical, white.

Acetabula leucomelas (Pers.) Sacc.

Edibility, habitat and observations

Relationship with the surrounding plant environment: Saprophytic mushroom. Typically in the humus of pine forests, in spring.
It is found in clusters in moist soils, in the grass of broad-leaved coppice, from June to September.
Discreet edible.

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